Partners of the product company specializing in the collection of shoes and clothing

Frieda’s is a little more obsessed with kiwifruit than the average business. That their founder Frieda Rapoport Caplan helped introduce the kiwi to the American public in 1962 may have something to do with it. This month, lifestyle retailer and design firm Concepts International, which has collaborated with manufacturers including New Balance, Nike and Adidas, […]

What supply chain issues at Puma can teach about resilience

Sakshi Agarwal, a third-year marketing student who wants to someday make a splash in the fashion industry, receives a lesson in resilience in her co-op program with Puma, where she works in the U.S. offices of the German sportswear company. “I make sure that we have enough inventory in the warehouses, which is a very […]

Fashion repair is key for new RforPeople footwear and apparel brand – WWD

MILAN – As the fashion industry increasingly educates consumers that second-hand shopping and rental are the means to disrupt the fashion waste circle, the extension of the clothing lifecycle by the through repairs and modifications did not get the same buy-in as a solution. Tommaso Melani founded men’s and women’s clothing and footwear brand RfForPeople […]

Wanted Shoe Boxes | Local

WINDSOR – Operation Christmas Child is fast approaching. The national collection week for Operation Christmas Child is fast approaching since it will be from November 15 to 22 this year. This project is done through the Samaritan Fellowship which partners with local churches around the world to share the good news of Jesus Christ and […]

Bill Belichick is still his own fashion icon

It’s hard to tell Bill Belichick what to do after arguably the greatest head coaching career in NFL history. Belichick made nine Super Bowl trips with the New England Patriots, and he won six championships. Life has been tougher since Tom Brady moved to Tampa Bay, but Belichick remains the same guy he always was. […]

The Leeds Kick Game luxury sneaker shop where the shoes are wrapped in plastic and some are worth £ 15,000

A luxury sneaker store has opened in Leeds and has an impressive collection of exclusive shoes on its walls, some of which have sold for over £ 15,000. Kick Game, which presents itself as the “first exclusive sneaker and streetwear store in Europe” to its 200,000 subscribers on Instagram, welcomed its first customers this weekend. […]

The collection week is approaching for the shoeboxes | Community News

National Operation Christmas Child Fundraising Week runs November 15-22 and will give residents of west-central Pennsylvania the chance to make an impact in the lives of millions of children around the world. The world’s largest Christmas project of its kind, Operation Christmas Child, uses shoeboxes full of gifts to show God’s love to children affected […]

Her Best Products To Buy – The Hollywood Reporter

Hollywood journalist launches its first list of the Top 10 Star Entrepreneurs of 2021, which also includes Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson, Sofia Vergara, Kristen Bell, Jennifer Garner and more. At the September Met Gala, Jennifer Lopez stepped out in not only a personalized Ralph Lauren embroidered dress with a faux fur cape, Navajo-stamped silver cuff […]

Black Friday Nike bestsellers for shoes and sportswear

Black Friday isn’t just a great time to shop for tech products; this is the best time to brand Nike products for less. While the popular sports equipment brand offers up to 40% off many of its products, you’ll save even more money on running shoes, basketball shoes, sportswear, backpacks and more if you’re expecting […]

Comings and goings: Raja is closed for the moment; Final closure of famous shoes

The building that houses Raja’s Tandoor done a facelift. But so far the effect on Indian food restaurant is not pretty. On October 29, the restaurant closed temporarily. It hopes to reopen on February 1 if construction is complete. This is the latest in a series of beatings at the popular 207 Third St. restaurant, […]