Who makes the hottest sneakers? Lidl! But we’ll have to run… | Lidl

Lidl’s own-brand has become an unlikely competitor for this year’s hottest trainer brand, but the supermarket has apologized to customers after many pairs were bought wholesale and resold online by retailers. budding entrepreneurs.

Priced at £ 12.99 and available in Lidl’s center aisle, known for its random assortment of goods, the shoes were part of a new fashion line that sold out within hours in some stores, but is then appeared on Depop, eBay and other websites. with a big markup.

Some sellers have sold dozens of pairs for £ 35 each, while others have put together “packs” of sneakers, socks and board shorts.

A customer complained that he visited five different stores on the day the sneakers went on sale, but left empty-handed because they were all sold out.

Lidl said he was investigating how so many of them were resold for two or three times the retail price, with some users listing them at several hundred pounds. “We are aware of this issue and it is currently under internal investigation,” said a spokesperson for Lidl.

The sneakers are a chunky style, designed in the brand’s colors (blue, yellow and red), and adorned, of course, with the familiar Lidl logo from the store’s shopping bags. Swim shorts with the Lidl logo sold for £ 4.99, socks for £ 1.49 and bags for 99 pence.

One seller, Alfie Hayward from the West Midlands, said he bought a few pairs of sneakers first, but returned to stock them up when he realized they would be popular.

“All of the shoes sold out in about three days,” said Hayward. “I had about 30 pairs of sneakers, so about 10 pairs a day sold. Not to mention the socks, which sold even faster.

To the untrained eye, the range may be brash and garish, but it seems to have tapped into the nostalgic ’90s trend particularly popular among young people and college students.

This isn’t the discount retailer’s first foray into the fashion world. She has been selling unbranded clothing since 2014 and last year she went into fashion with her successful Christmas sweater also featuring the Lidl logo.

The German discount supermarket has not wanted to say why its sneakers have proven so popular or whether there are plans to bring back the branded clothes.

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