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Sky Singleton, a resident of Tyler, has always had a passion for fashion and sneakers. With her love for both, she forged a path to give back to the community by personalizing and restoring shoes.

For Singleton, shoes are more than just an item used as an accessory to an outfit. This is why she created a non-profit association aimed at families who cannot afford to buy shoes for their children, called Kickz4Kidz.

Kickz4Kidz will be aimed at children who want “more beautiful” shoes but cannot afford them.

“Shoes are one of those things that we adults and parents don’t take seriously. We say to ourselves “Oh, these are just shoes”, but at school it’s totally different. We unfortunately live in a very materialistic world. There are kids who want shoes or better shoes but don’t have a chance to have them, ”Singleton said.

With the association, she plans to restore any type of shoe and make it into something “everyone wants” using her artistic gift. Singleton is currently asking for shoe donations in an effort to partner with local businesses to set up drop-off points for the association.

“I want people to donate their old shoes. I want to partner with different companies for drop points and then return them to the community for those less fortunate. Shoes can be very expensive, it’s one less thing for parents to worry about, ”she said.

Drop-off points will accept any shoe donation for Kickz4Kidz. The shoes will be restored and personalized for children at a better price or for free.

“I am open to all shoes. It is better to recycle them and give them a new life than to throw them away. The shoes don’t have to be branded or expensive, ”she said.

She is currently looking for other businesses in Tyler to help her and she is asking for a chance to set up a drop box.

Singleton has an 11-year-old son and has pointed out how expensive the shoes are.

“There were times when I had trouble buying my son’s shoes. If you can get rid of this burden as a parent while still providing your kids with something quality for little or nothing, I would love to be a part of it, ”Singleton said.

Singleton has experience running shoe stores at Journey stores in town. She said she always saw clients with custom shoes and that had inspired her to combine her artistic side with her love for shoes.

Like others, Singleton said COVID-19 affected her job and fired her. The loss of his main income allowed him to indulge in a shoe customization hobby that quickly turned into a business, SkyKickz.

With SkyKickz, she paints on any canvas of shoes, clothes, hat, backpack and even paints.

Customers can provide a theme, color scheme or typeface for item customization. Singleton often has full creative control over the article, but is open to recreating the visuals provided.

“I just did some autism awareness sessions, they were pretty cool. They gave me creative freedom and they just wanted it to represent autism with the pieces of the puzzle. These are probably my favorites that I have made, ”she said.

Singleton is also a flag football coach for the Tyler Hurricane youth football team, which keeps her busy schedule. She is currently looking for a co-painter for her business.

She said the lead time for the shoes is two to three weeks.

Customs fees range from $ 120 to $ 175 plus the cost of the shoe or people can bring their own shoe.

Singleton said the Tyler community has been very supportive.

“Being a minority business owner is huge and we need more successful minority businesses,” she said. “The purpose of a small business is to give back to the community. It should be a constant circle. It should be, ‘Let’s come together and build Tyler.’ “

People can place orders or request drop-off points at @Custom skykickz on Instagram, Sky Kickz on Facebook, or skykickz.com.

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