Surprisingly good audio from a shoe company

Earlier this year I expected to listen to a lot of new headphones from all the big brands, but Adidas wasn’t on this list. I wasn’t familiar with Adidas’ audio lineup, and I didn’t think the company was invested in the music space in this way. I also didn’t expect to be impressed with a shoemaker’s headphones, but here we are. Adidas offers several different audio products in the active sports category, and these RPT-01 Sport on-ear Bluetooth wireless headphones work very well for this use. Consider me impressed.

The Adidas RPT-01 wireless earphones are lightweight and secure, perfect for athletes and those who move around a lot.

The sound is vibrant and the materials are suitable for sport. Headphones are a product that might work well for playing soccer, a workout in a garage, or an afternoon jog. Their best feature for this type of use, a tight and secure fit, is also one of their few drawbacks. If you can find yourself feeling uncomfortable in and around your ears, these headphones, which cost $ 169, are a great way to listen privately during a workout.

Fit and Appearance of Adidas Wireless Earphones

Some people love to use on-ear and on-ear headphones all the time, regardless of their location. It’s common to see athletes in pre-game routines wearing big headphones. For me, however, it’s hard to get over the feeling of isolation and clutter from these types of headphones. The RPT-01 features smaller ear cushions to reduce overall bulk, and they are a fairly minimal entry into the on-ear headphone category. So if you felt the same as I did, that the on-ear was not for your fitness time, it might still find its place for your consideration.

Adidas RPT-01 Helmet
I had some ear fatigue after short periods of listening, but the headband was still comfortable without any pressure.

Taking the headphones out of the box and feeling the material they were covered with, I was less than impressed. The rough fabric is wrapped around the headband and the ear pads like a sock can be pulled over a foot. He looks quite sporty, sure, but I’m not sure he’s instantly attractive. The rough feel of the fabric makes an even worse first impression.

Fortunately, the RPT-01 makes a good first impression in terms of performance and features, which leads to more appealing appeal on second and third viewings. This product really benefits from the overall goal of making headphones for fitness and exercise. It’s a smart goal, but more importantly, it’s executed well.

Adidas RPT-01 Helmet
The headband and outer ear cups are covered with a sock-like fabric softer than the inter-ear pads.

The frame of the helmet is collapsible, collapsible and made of plastic. There is a rubber band on the inside of the headband, but other than that fabric dominates most of the surface. The headband was especially comfortable, thanks to the lightweight plastic frame and the rubber band that keeps the top of your head from feeling pressure.

The ear pads, on the other hand, take all the pressure. It’s not a particularly comfortable feeling, but it’s manageable. It’s immediately obvious that this adjustment serves to hold the listening device in place as you move. It’s a commendable design compromise that, despite the sentiment, most people on the move will appreciate.

RPT-01 Physical performance

Interestingly, I have very little to say about the sound of these headphones. The audio reproduction is precise enough to go unnoticed and the frequency range is respectable enough to fully enjoy all your favorite music. The RPT-01 performs well enough to justify its retail price of $ 169. (They’ve been on sale for as low as $ 99.) They sound really good and people should be happy when they listen to their music collection.

Adidas RPT-01 Helmet
The ear pads are firm and covered with a rough fabric, but they handle perspiration well.

I was interested in finding out how all the pieces of the helmet work together to produce a better than expected sum. I used a rower first and then an outdoor run to get a full feel for their rugged use. Both handled the movement and the sweat without a problem.

In conjunction with the mobile app, the headphones can do some cool tricks, including the ability to customize a hardware button on the left ear. This utility button can be configured to do different things for single, double and triple presses. It can trigger voice assistants, for example, but my favorite was its connection with Spotify. If you have a premium account, you can log into Spotify and select any artist, album, or playlist you want to play when you press the button. Of course, your phone will still need to be there, so if you use your smartwatch it won’t work. Still, I really like this integration and quick access to music, and I come back to it regularly.

On the other side of the helmet, there is a square button that controls everything else. The up and down control the volume, while the left and right skip. It’s a nice, tactile way to ensure you have proper control while on the move. Press the cube shaped button to pause and play the audio. The device uses USB-C for charging, a nice, modern touch to help consolidate cables you carry around with other products.

Adidas RPT-01 Helmet
The left side of the headset features a utility button that can be customized with an app, while the right side uses a four-way square rocker to control what is playing.

All is not rosy with headphones. There doesn’t seem to be an automatic shutdown, and if there is, it wasn’t working very well. Remembering to turn off headphones every time can be boring, compared to how most other modern headphones handle this task. This is a minor complaint considering the battery lasts for over 40 hours, but an auto shut-off feature would be nice.

Should you buy the Adidas RPT-01 headphones?

Looking back, the RPT-01 is exactly the type of on-ear headphones I would design if I did something for athletes. The problem here is that the things that make them great for outdoor movement are also the things that make me think about them. The material around the ear cups is great for wicking and preventing sweat, but it’s rough and rough as well. The pressure to keep the on-ear headphones in place during physical activity also causes earaches sooner rather than later. Headphones are so close to being ideal for fitness enthusiasts, and yet they may still not hit the mark for a larger, general audience.

The good news is that I have found that they get more comfortable as they wear out. So while it’s hard to recommend them to everyone, universally they’re a durable pair of headphones that you don’t have to worry about tossing in a bag full of gear and bags. lug around all your different sporting events.

Buy from Adidas.

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