Savior-make Lady Dior bag encrusted with rhinestones and Diorarty shoes

Seeing rhinestones incorporated into the design brings a certain sense of joy and Dior’s Spring/Summer 2022 flagship pieces manage to do just that. Bold, fresh and modern: the Micro Lady Dior bag and the Diorarty ankle boots are the perfect accomplices for the sparkling rhinestone party.

We have firmly established the presence of Y2K trends in 2022 and Dior’s rhinestone-adorned designs capture that essence. Everyone from Dua Lipa, Rihanna to Paris Hilton has been spotted in rhinestone-encrusted looks, so that’s definitely a sign to jump on the bedazzled bandwagon. At the heart of Dior’s collection of rhinestone accessories are the Micro Lady Dior All Over Strass Embroidery bag, Diorarty ankle boots and ballet flats.

Savior-making of Micro Lady Dior bag and Diorarty shoes:

Each piece is handcrafted in the Italian workshops of the House and echoes the highest standards of know-how. When it comes to chronicling the process, the luxury house is able to capture the essence of the design, the process and the work of the artisans with the utmost care. Seeing how artisans hand apply over 1,000 rhinestones to the Lady Dior bag is a fascinating process and truly worth enjoying. Behind-the-scenes videos of the two pieces (the iconic bag and the Diorarty shoes) show the different stages of production. Applying over 1,000 rhinestones to the Micro Lady Dior bag takes more than three hours, as artisans apply the multicolored rhinestones in a deliberate grid pattern using tweezers. The rhinestone may seem like an arts and crafts project, but the rapprochement is surely an inspired creation that fits into the current trend cycle as well as the French house’s quest for luxury.

All images: Dior.