Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and GIABORGHINI launch second shoe collaboration

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and GIABORGHINI are together again. The model and CEO of Rose Inc. and the Italian shoe brand have joined forces to launch a second collection of shoes designed for the modern woman. With seven new fall styles that encapsulate a classic, minimalist feel with an edgy twist, GIA / RHW Collection 2 will be released on September 22 as an exclusive Mytheresa capsule, and the main collection for pre-order on FRWD.

In the foreground, the line aims to highlight the empowerment of women. Huntington-Whiteley’s own career has taken her from modeling for Victoria’s Secret to producing her own beauty line to motherhood, a trajectory that has proven to be pivotal in her partnership with Barbara borghini, founder of GIABORGHINI. “Barbara and I prioritize the empowerment of women in our work,” says Huntington-Whiteley, “and we were inspired to continue our partnership with an emphasis on bringing together a team led by women to create a beautiful produced for a global community of women. “

In the hope of imparting to women “possessing their power”, the shoes are designed for the woman who is “confident, daring, feminine; someone who is in tune with fashion trends but has their own perspective and personal style, ”says Huntington-Whiteley. And that sentiment is echoed in the collection’s’ 90s-inspired campaign, which also features Huntington-Whiteley.

“The ’90s campaigns and models were so easy and paired up, but they channeled so much strength and confidence,” she says.

Courtesy of Gia Borghini

Courtesy of Gia Borghini

In an urban and avant-garde spirit, the collection combines minimalist silhouettes with touches of bright colors, which was important to differentiate it from the first collection. “Collection 1 had an organic natural feel in styles and color palette, while Collection 2 is bolder and a bit more dramatic in terms of silhouettes and colors,” says Huntington-Whiteley, adding that she is designed to represent “the bolder, playful side of my personal style. While the styles were designed to feel unique, it was also important for the model to stay true to basic details such as” the wedge heel, the wood Radical, the square toe. ”Another highlight is the premium materials used, such as eco-leather, which Huntington-Whiteley says allow“ a smoother, sportier feel to perfectly fit the leg as a second skin. ”The use of rubberized eco-leather not only provides maximum comfort, but is locally sourced and developed in Italy, which was a priority for Borghini in order to“ support local businesses affected by the pandemic and take measures to minimize their environmental footprint ”. said Huntington-Whiteley.

Buyers will also find exclusive styles and colors at Mytheresa. For this part of the line, Huntington-Whiteley and Borghini focused on luxury-loving clients to create something for the woman that is “sophisticated and refined, a forward-thinking consumer with a timeless outfit in mind.” .

Courtesy of Gia Borghini

Courtesy of Gia Borghini

Exclusive MyTheresa capsule

GIA / RHW Rosie 6 Faux Leather Sandals

Knee high boots GIA / RHW Rosie 8

Exclusive to MyThérèse

GIA / RHW Rosie 11 platform ankle boots

GIA / RHW Rosie 10 thigh high boots

Main collection

Short lace-up sandal GIA BORGHINI X RHW

Strappy sandal GIA BORGHINI X RHW


Over-the-knee boots GIA BORGHINI X RHW

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