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News Photos by Darby Hinkley Renewed Blessings Resale Shop in Rogers City donated an amount equal to 15 area churches and parish schools on Tuesday. In the photo above, from left to right, Bernadette Shafto, Parish Secretary of St. Ignatius School, Dianne Darga, Owner of Renewed Blessings, Tonya Langlois, Principal of St. John Lutheran School, and David Rogers, administrator of Rogers City Baptist Academy.

ROGERS CITY – When God blesses you, it’s your turn to bless others.

That’s part of the reason Renewed Blessings Resale Shop has given back to 15 Rogers City churches and three parish schools. This is the second year that the resale store has shared its monetary blessings with churches and Christian schools in the area.

The non-profit resale store receives new or lightly used donations of household goods, shoes, accessories and furniture. The only item they don’t accept is clothing. Based on last year’s sales, the store has accumulated enough funds to distribute a generous amount evenly among churches and schools.

The recipients are grateful for the generosity of owners Dianne and Larry Darga. The non-profit resale store, located at 1092 W. Third St., is run entirely by volunteers. The Board of Directors and volunteers work hard to ensure its growth and success.

“Renewed Blessings has supported so many of our outreach events in the church with their donations,” said Reverend Karen Zurakowski of Westminster Presbyterian Church. “The fact that they have devoted all this time and talent to giving back to this community through the churches means the world to me and our congregation, and, I’m sure, to all of these congregations.”

In the photo, Darga and representatives from 15 churches in the Rogers City area under the message “Diverse in Faith, United in Mission”, the motto of the resale store.

Money has proven to be useful for many practical uses, especially during the pandemic.

“Last year we used the money to connect the internet at Belknap Church,” said Reverend Paul Boerger, pastor of St. Michael’s Lutheran Church in Belknap, a rural area in the southwest. of Rogers City. “And, this year, we’ll probably do the same – do it again.”

He explained that the internet allowed them to get their services online during the pandemic, so they could reach more people even when their doors were closed.

Boerger added that he enjoys shopping at the store.

“I come here two or three times a month, just to look around,” he said. “It’s a beautiful store. And they do a great job fixing everything, making it look pretty. “

He said having Renewed Blessings in Rogers City benefits the whole community.

“It means a lot,” Boerger said. “Even outside the community, when they come here to visit, they come to take a look around them. “

Dianne Darga said they gave all churches an address in Rogers City.

“We want to share with them again because our success has just been overwhelming,” said Darga. “God has guided and directed us. He leads us. We have “God winks” all the time. We’ll say, “Oh boy do we need desks” and in a week we’ll have seven desks on the floor. It’s just phenomenal.

Darga said that whenever they have a need, God satisfies it for them, and more.

“He gives us more,” she said.

She did not disclose the amount of money donated to each church and school, but the same amount was distributed to each organization. She said especially during the pandemic, churches still have expenses to pay even if their buildings are empty.

“We just give them a check when we can give them a check,” she said. She and her sister Leeny Ries opened the store in June 2020, after their husbands told them, “No more yard sales.

“I wouldn’t be able to do this without her and my husband,” Darga said of her sister. “It’s a big job. He put on weight faster than expected. “

She said her pastor, Reverend Derek Riddle, told her, “Find something you’re good at and do it for the Lord.

So she did. She and her sister were good at garage sales, so here they are, selling a wide variety of items that have all been cleaned, sanitized, polished, repaired or whatever it takes to make them look almost new to present to customers. On the ground.

The store’s motto is “Diverse in Faith, United in Mission”, representing the unity and bond of Christianity, regardless of denomination.

“The idea is that the Christian community, regardless of faith, work together for one cause,” said Darga.

She said reaching out to young people is the key to continuing with a strong faith community.

“If we don’t keep them in the church, there won’t be a church,” Darga said.

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