Ray J Breaks His Silence on Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape: ‘She Released It Like an Album’

Ray J and Kim Kardashian attend a fashion show in 2006. (PHOTO: Getty Images/WireImage)

Kim Kardashian and Ray J can’t get away from their infamous 2007 sex tape. The tape that launched Kim to stardom has been thrust back into the spotlight thanks to her new reality show, The Kardashians.

Some of the show’s comments rubbed Ray J the wrong way and he finally broke his silence on the scandal.

On the show, Kim gets emotional when she tells family and friends that her ex-husband, Kanye West, delivered the entire sex tape to her — including never-before-seen footage — after meeting Ray J.

According to Kim, their six-year-old son, Saint, came across an advertisement on the online gaming platform, Roblox, which showed an emoji of a crying Kim, along with the words: “Kim’s new sex tape “. Roblox is generally not suitable for children.

The incident apparently prompted Kanye to retrieve the hard drive containing the explicit images.

“So Kanye went home last night and he came back this morning,” Kim explains during the April 28 episode of the Hulu series.

“He got the whole sex tape back from me. He got the computer he was on and the hard drive. He met Ray J at the airport and he picked it all up for me.

During the episode, Kim suggests that Ray J might have a video of himself performing sex acts on her while she sleeps.

His latest claims were the final straw for Ray J, whose real name is Ray Norwood.

“I sat in the shadows for over 14 years, allowing the Kardashians to use my name, abuse my name, earn billions of dollars over a decade and a half talking about a subject I never really talked,” he told the Daily Mail.

The singer and reality TV star says he never had copies of the tapes they made together, and says their infamous sex tape was “released as an album” by Kim and her mother, Kris Jenner (66 years old).

“I have never leaked a sex tape in my life. There has never been a leak. It has always been an agreement and a partnership between Kris Jenner and Kim and I and we have always been partners since the beginning of This thing.

Ray J (41) says he pitched the idea to Kim, who got on board and asked her mum for help. They all signed a contract with porn distributor Vivid Entertainment, which released the tape, but Ray said he had little to do with the process.

“She kept them all,” he says of the steamy footage.

“She had to go get that tape and then present it [to Vivid Entertainment]. I never had a tape in my possession in our entire relationship.

“I’ve never had one in my house. She had them at home. She always had all the tapes in a Nike shoe box under her bed.

Ray J says the backlash he faced after being accused of leaking the tape cost him his career and left him feeling suicidal.

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Ray J and his wife, Princess Love, separated at the end of last year. (PHOTO: Getty Images)

“I couldn’t be on a reputable network TV show and do Dancing with the Stars and do America’s Got Talent or anything like that because of my image,” he says.

“Because of what they did to me. . . I have no right to be in these places.

Ray J also shared screenshots of lengthy texts between him and Kim in which he confronted her about her latest comments.

In the posts, he asks Kim to consider daughter Melody (3) and son Epik (2), who he shares with his ex-wife, Princess Love.

“Please help keep me in a positive light,” he wrote. “I want my children to be proud of me. Please don’t make their father look like a loser.

Kim responded by saying that she and her team were planning to “release something” to “clarify that it was a joke and you would never have done something like that.”

But Ray J was unimpressed.

“If you look at the DMs you can see she keeps trying to keep me in a box,” he told the Daily Mail.

“Only because she knows everything I say is true. She never denied on these DMs anything I said to her.

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