Mum ‘terrified’ at work as customer shoves £5 into bra – and police ‘not interested’

Niamh Gallagher, 21, a student at Manchester Metropolitan University, was working alone in shoe store Shuropody when a man ‘stuffed’ a £5 note into her bra strap, before telling her that it was “our little thing”.

Niamh Gallagher, 21, worked alone at shoe store Shuropody

A worker has been left ‘terrified’ after a customer put £5 in her bra as she claims the cops are ‘not interested’ in her case.

Niamh Gallagher, 21, was working alone in shoe store Shuropody when she said a man had sexually assaulted her.

The Manchester Metropolitan University student claims the male shopper ‘stuffed’ a £5 note down the strap of her bra, before telling her it was ‘our little thing’, Manchester Evening report News.

Niamh says she spotted the man “hiding” outside after leaving the store on December 16.

She reported the disturbing attack to the police but says she has not heard from her case for almost a month.

Niamh says police are not interested in investigating



Niamh even found CCTV footage which she says identifies the man, but says the police did not come to collect it.

Niamh, who waived her right to anonymity to speak about her ordeal, said she was working alone in the workshop when the man entered.

She said: “There was a lady waiting to go to her date and then this guy came in. He was wearing a Manchester United scarf so I thought the football had just ended.

“I was chatting with another client who was about to leave and this guy started intruding on our conversation.”

She said she was getting a “weird vibe” from the man, who asked her to find him a specific type of shoe.

She said: “He finally got one he liked but said ‘oh, I’m having trouble putting my shoes on’.

“He asked me to bend over and put them on for him, which I thought was extremely weird. I said that was fine and I did my job.

“I have to make sure the shoe fits him, so I had to pinch the side of his foot and his toe and he made a comment like, ‘Oh, you’re massaging my feet now.

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“I was about to go put something back on the shelf and the guy grabbed me and stuck his hand in my shirt.

“He grabbed me and put a £5 in my bra strap. He said, ‘Keep this, it’s our little thing.'”

Niamh said the man then left the store before coming back inside.

“I had taken the money out of my bra strap and put it in the charity box,” she continued. “When he noticed I was about to, he ran back into the store saying, ‘I knew you were going to be a stubborn motherfucker. “”

Niamh said that when her colleague returned from her break, she told him what had happened. They tried to call 101 but couldn’t get through.

She also claims that her colleague crossed the road to speak to two police officers, but they allegedly told her to phone 101.

She said: “We went through and through all the spiel of what happened and then my partner came to pick me up as I didn’t want to leave the store alone.

“It was an hour later and we rounded the corner where the Spa is on Deansgate and the guy was still there, crouching. He was obviously waiting there.

“He looked a bit scruffy. It looked like he was being guarded but not too bothered by his appearance. He was wearing a Manchester United scarf.

“He was quite stocky, a little bigger. He was about my height, about 5″7 or 5″8.”

Niamh said when she arrived home that evening she was a “wreck”.

She said: “I had nightmares about him and was scared to go to work. I was absent for two days without pay because of it.

“When I returned to work, I was extremely afraid of being alone. My colleagues have to stay in the workshop with me.

“My whole attitude has changed and it still persists with me a month later. I’m really worried about this guy because he knows where I work now.

“I keep thinking I saw it out of the corner of my eye when I’m working.”

The student says she was contacted by GMP shortly after making the report on December 16, but has not received any updates or assistance since.

She said: “I spoke to an officer after I thought he was in the store again.

Niamh says attack at Shuropody shoe store left her in danger



“He was completely indifferent and kept sighing on the phone and interrupting me wondering if I was sure it was the same guy.

She added: “I’m there four days a week. I have to go back and deal with it every day. I felt really unsafe.

“We have all the evidence the police need, but they haven’t come looking for it. They haven’t taken the time to come out and support me and my colleagues who have been affected.”

Said Chief Inspector Stephen Wiggins of the Manchester City District of GMP. “First of all, my heart goes out to the victim of this terrible crime; no one should risk being injured in their daily life, especially in their workplace.

“I am sorry that she feels she has not received the level of service expected from GMP, but I would like to reassure her and members of the public that the investigation into this assault is ongoing. .

“We are currently following a number of investigative leads, carrying out extensive CCTV work throughout the city center and have been in regular contact with the victim to update him on the progress of the investigation.

“We take reports of this nature very seriously and want everyone in our community, especially women and girls, to feel safe and make Greater Manchester a safer place to live.

“I would like to urge anyone who has been the victim of a crime of this nature to report it to the police, as it is up to us as law enforcement and our partners to prevent and target offenders.”

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