Motor Bella aims to inspire innovation that drives our economy

PONTIAC, Michigan (WXYZ) – We’ve come so far since the days of Henry Ford, and innovation doesn’t stop. If you come to Motor Bella you will see innovations that could change the way you drive in the future and some of the most elite vehicles on the road today.

In the gallery’s exhibition at Motor Bella, you’ll find 25 ultra-luxury, high-performance and exotic vehicles on display. This is the first time that this collection has been seen by the public in its entirety.

Cunningham Automotive CEO Antonio Pierce presented Cunningham’s 60th anniversary Corvette C8 in the gallery. It is made in honor of maker and racer Briggs Cunningham. Alone 60 of these 160,000 Corvettes are in the process of being manufactured. It is designed to be driven for fun and racing.

“We estimate it goes from a few tenths of a second to 0-60 and still a half-second or so, faster in the quarter-mile than the standard Vette,” said Pierce.

As you browse Motor Bella’s M-1 Concourse, you won’t just see the best cars today. You will see the innovations of tomorrow.

Students from Eastern Michigan University are here to show how vehicles can be hacked and also to prevent hacking and cyber attacks.

“The workforce of the future will be aware of this and will be able to help solve this problem,” said Professor Samir Pout, Eastern Michigan University School of Information Security and Applied Computing, at an exhibition showing students hacking into a car the university uses for research.

Southgate-based Michigan Vehicle Solutions shared the Aero-x, a sporty truck cap.

“We decided to do something different from the shoebox look and make an aero sports cap to make the truck even more fun than it already is,” said Rich Oliver, president of Michigan Vehicle Solutions.

“We have to keep moving forward because no one else is standing still,” said Sandy Munro. CEO of Munro and Associates.

Munro is a world renowned industry analyst. He says events like this, where ideas are shared, aren’t just bright and fun. They are the key to the economic success of our country and the Detroit metro area.

“I was in China 3 to 4 months a year because electrification was important to them. Guess what? They have a head start, ”Munro said.

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