Miami makes chain of revenue after reverse call is hilarious

The Miami Hurricanes have already produced what could prove to be the most depressing streak of events of the 2021 college football season.

The first half has already gone badly for the Hurricanes as they face Alabama to open their season. The Crimson Tide took a 27-0 first-half lead, and Hurricanes quarterback D’Eriq King had to be screened for injury.

Yet when Alabama running back Roydell Williams was ruled as a recovery in Miami, the Hurricanes had to stick to tradition. Out of this came the famous chain of turnover, which was placed around Kamren Kinchens’ neck in honor of his salvage escape.

There was only one problem: A replay made it clear that Williams had recovered his own fumble, and the play was called off. This led to the incredibly depressing streak in which Miami had to put the revenue chain back into its shoebox.

There is perhaps no more hilarious and sad streak all year round. The fact that the Hurricanes lost 27-0 only exacerbates it.

The revenue channel was an impressive innovation when Miami introduced it in 2017. Since then, the team has not had much success, and the channel has both been copied by many other schools and has become a target for trolling. Maybe it’s time to let it sit, or at least save it for a bigger occasion.

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