Man Keeps His Pledge To ‘Eat A Shoe’ If Top Gun 2 Comes Out

People-pleasing Top Gun: Maverick is a blast from the past for many, but not for a certain man who dared to bet against Tom Cruise.

Betting against Tom Cruise probably isn’t such a good idea, as Polygon’s entertainment editor Matt Patches recently found out when he paid off a bold bet he made years ago in affirming Top Gun: Maverickthis week’s box office juggernaut, would never happen.

On the evening of October 26, 2010, Patches tweeted: “If Top Gun 2 happens, I’m going to eat a shoe”, while hanging out with a friend after hearing about a Superior gun the sequel was first released that year. The project was originally intended for director Tony Scott, who sadly committed suicide in 2012, before finally being revived in 2017 with confirmation that Cruise would reprise his iconic role under Joseph Kosinski, sparking fear de Patches that he might indeed have eaten his own shoe one day.


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Now that Top Gun: Maverick left most critics awestruck, Patches took the loss with a ton of grace when he decided to turn his badly aged tweet into a full 20-minute skit trying to figure out how to “eat a shoe.” It’s worth mentioning that Patches isn’t eating a real shoe in this video. However, he honors the shoe-eating tradition of movie legends like Werner Herzog and Charlie Chaplin by making and sketching a fruit faux leather shoe while wearing equally fitting aviator sunglasses, instead of the shoe cake. real and probably delicious sent to him by Primordial.

Patches closed his video by reminding everyone that the stupidity of doing stupid, insignificant things like eating a fake shoe is a great way to stay above water, quoting Herzog while he was at it. The brief clips of a fake Cruise mocking her bold words are a perfect example. As Patches puts it himself, betting against the work ethic of a man willing to strap himself to a plane for Impossible mission stunts is probably not the wisest thing to do.

Meanwhile, Top Gun: Maverick quickly became Cruise’s most successful opening weekend film in America, as worldwide box office receipts now total $260 million, which can only foreshadow the kind of success that awaits Cruise. ‘next year Mission: Impossible 7. Top Gun: Maverick made its way to Flight simulator and Ace Fight 7thus further confirming the film’s blockbuster status with promotional ties bolstered by everything Cruise brings to a film.

The film is also likely to boost the stock of Miles Teller, who plays the son of Maverick Goose’s old friend, another part of the equation that makes Top Gun: Maverick such an entertaining film to watch, despite and because of its resemblance to the 1986 classic.

Top Gun: Maverick is currently available in theaters.

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Source: Matte Patches | Youtube

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