Linen pants are a summer wardrobe essential

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Let’s set the scene: it’s a summer day in the middle of June. Your air conditioning is blowing up because you heard another heat wave is hitting your town. You debate between staying home and meeting your friends for brunch on the rooftop, but you ultimately decide on the latter. You shower, start getting ready, and then you stand in front of your closet, not sure what to wear because it’s just too hot to wear, well, anything.

Although a swimsuit is the ideal outfit on such a day, it may not be the most appropriate. But don’t worry, we have a quick and easy solution; in fact, it’s a game-changer for the summer months, so it’s no wonder he’s reappearing on the celebrity street style scene like clockwork in June.

The “it” we’re talking about is… linen pants. They’re a wardrobe staple during the heat and humidity of summer, but we have a feeling they’re going to be in even more demand as they’re on top of the coastal granny – you know, the TikTok trend that inspired people to embrace their inner Nancy Meyers persona. (Ehem, I’m channeling Diane Keaton in something must give all season.)

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Bcofui wide-leg linen pants

Jennifer Lawrence, Angelina Jolie, Katie Holmes and Jennifer Garner all jumped aboard the trendy linen pants, each opting for different versions of the funds. Lawrence, for example, opted for slightly edgier linen trousers, pairing them with a crisp white t-shirt, while Garner chose a more relaxed striped pair. All this to say that there is a linen pant for every style preference, whether you are looking for a pair with a formal tendency Where a discreet to wear on grocery shopping.

Linen is a popular summer fabric because it’s incredibly lightweight and breathable. The material is also loosely woven, allowing heat to escape, keeping you cool. Plus, they’re quick-drying, a huge bonus if you tend to sweat a lot (like me!) or plan to wear your pair as a cover-up to the beach or pool. So wear linen pants is basically like being a human AC unit, and that, dear readers, is a real game-changer.

Best of all is the fact that you can wear linen pants with everything. Do like Jolie and Holmes and pair them with a crisp white tee or copy Garner with her cozy sweater and linen pants for a cool summer campfire. As for the shoes? Heels, sneakers, sandals – you name it, they all work with windy bottoms.

Shop some of our favorite linen pants that will have you looking (and feeling) cool all summer long.

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