Kim Tae-Hyung, better known as V, is a South Korean singer and songwriter. He is a member of the boy group BTS from South Korea. V was born Kim Tae-Hyung in Geochang County, South Korea. He is the eldest of three children, with two younger siblings. In elementary school, V dreamed of becoming a professional singer.

Early in college, he began taking saxophone lessons in order to pursue a career. V has a lot of aura on stage, and his energy is contagious. Fans couldn’t get enough of V’s seductive charms and impeccable vocals when he performed his solo song “Intro: Singularity” on BTS. It has since been part of many hit music videos and songs.

V’s meteoric rise is surprising as his undeniable talent almost took him in another direction. V has been flaunting his good looks while driving to BTS’s various pre-recordings for the past few weeks. ARMY went crazy for the return of his jaw-dropping street looks as he stepped out in his chic casual fashion style, complete with button down shirts and tousled hair! He has been wearing fashionable shoes for a long time, which fascinates fans.

Here are some photos of the iconic way V wears shoes. In many photos, we notice that he simply slips his feet inside the shoes without tucking them in and that he is also not wearing socks. And he does this to all of his shoes – it doesn’t matter if they’re loafers or sneakers.

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