Billie Eilish launches vegan Air Jordan sneakers – Totally Vegan Buzz

The Grammy-winning singer said creating the Air Jordon designs was an “amazing and surreal experience, especially in a lasting way.”

Billie Eilish launched two pairs of vegan sneakers.

The 19-year-old songwriter created the Air Jordan designs in collaboration with Nike.

The sneakers, which are “100% vegan with over 20% recycled content”, come in two colors: a neutral beige tone and a bright lime green.

While the beige is an Air Jordan 15 Retro, the lime green pair is a classic Air Jordan 1 KO and features the official Eilish logo embroidered on the tongue.

Taking to Instagram, she posted two photos to show off her durable shoes and wrote: “I’m SO excited to finally share my two Air Jordan silhouettes with you !! I have always loved @ jumpman23 and it was such an amazing and surreal experience to be able to create them, especially in a sustainable way.

In a separate video, the Grammy-winning singer described the new styles.

She told Nike that the Air Jordan 15 Retro shoes were her “favorite Jordan since I knew what Jordans are.”

Meanwhile, she loved the lime green high top shoes because they have the “best shape” and go “with everything, with pants, shorts, dresses, I love the way they make your legs look, I do. like what they feel ”. .

Tailored, gender neutral shoes, she said, allowed the wearer to be “whoever and what you want with them, and with any shoe, because it’s your right and it is. something that I will always talk about with my shoes on ”.

The sneakers will launch on September 27 on Eilish’s official merchandise website and will be available for sale on Nike’s SNKRS app from September 30.

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