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25 Sep

Credit for kitchen and installation, how do you imagine your financing? On a larger scale, together with a renovation or refurbishment?

In the middle area, through the replacement of kitchen appliances and fronts? Or as credit for the new kitchenette?

We would like to encourage you to compare loan offers and save interest.

Cleverly finance your kitchen – short overview

  • There is no “universal loan” that fits every project
  • Therefore, make targeted comparisons to loans for your purpose
  • Check with a non-binding application on what terms you meet your loan request
  • Apply right now – online with instant confirmation

Credit for kitchen – major project in the home

Credit for kitchen - major project in the home

Loans for kitchen and equipment go to many builders in the mortgage lending. For about 30 years, a high-quality kitchen does its job.

Credit for kitchen – with instant confirmation – TÜV approved – apply now

Within this period, the house construction is already paid. It’s time for a major renovation of the home or condo.

For many existing real estate, it is even time for a reorganization. Supply and disposal lines, of course everything under plaster, thirst for renewal.

In the same breath, the masonry of the outer walls could immediately receive thermal insulation. After careful planning, it is often clear that the new kitchen is turning into a major project.

If practically everything is put into the state of the shell anyway, then half-measures are not worthwhile. In addition to the energetic renovation, the preparation for age-appropriate living offers formal.

Loan for kitchen and accessories becomes a restructuring loan, which can be financed by public subsidies at low interest rates. The appropriate funding programs come from the HeW.

The programs are: 151 or 152 and 159 and the grants from 430 and 455. The loan is requested through any commercial bank.

Credit tip – accept interest gifts and grants

Publicly funded loans for energy-efficient renovation and age-appropriate living can be combined. Insulation of the walls, then new plaster and new lines, covers the energy renovation.

The wall can not be renovated “on-wall”. Thus, new tiles and installation work are the result of insulation and co-financing.

Starting at 0.75 percent APR, the current interest rate offer of HeW. The kitchen equipment of a wheelchair-accessible kitchen fits the program 155 for the age-appropriate conversion and age-appropriate living.

Again, the current annual percentage rate, effective from 0.75 percent. There are also subsidies (430 and 455).

Credit for the new kitchen – medium effort

Credit for the new kitchen - medium effort

If the infrastructure of the kitchen is still ok, the big “Rundumschlag” is not worth it. In the middle range to take about 10,000 credit for kitchen and appliances is possible through a standard installment loan.

Incidentally, it would be more favorable for homeowners to approach the bank for a renovation loan without a land register. Because, in contrast to the real estate loan, no hedging in the land register is necessary.

Registration and notary fees are waived. In the case of medium loan amounts, this slightly offsets a slightly higher interest rate compared to real estate loans with a land register.

Anyway, new tiles and new paint have to be on the wall so that the new kitchen equipment comes into effect. The kitchen carcass remains but the new look is provided by new doors, fronts and worktops.

Taking credit together for kitchen and renovation has advantages. Most lending institutions grant an interest advantage by earmarking for “renovation”.

The approved loan is therefore likely to be cheaper than a loan for free availability. Restrictions in the usability of the money are not to be feared.

As long as the money flows into the kitchen, thus directly or indirectly into the property.

Cleverly finance your kitchen – choose the right interest rate offer

Cleverly finance your kitchen - choose the right interest rate offer

Loans are offered by banks for credit-based or credit-independent loan lending. In both cases, sufficient creditworthiness must be demonstrated.

In the case of the credit-indebted credit loan, the actual credit rating for granted credit does not affect the effective interest rate. Advantages arise for the planning of the financing, with average good credit rating.

In addition, credit-independent lending rates, in direct comparison with medium credit, often the cheapest offer. To finance the creditworthiness-dependent loan interest, borrowers with a particularly good credit rating and weaker credit ratings.

Excellent credit rating has an interest-saving effect. Credit, despite a weaker credit rating, remains eligible for a higher interest rate.

Kitchen finance – smaller volume

Kitchen finance - smaller volume

However, credit for kitchen and kitchen equipment does not always have a high credit volume. With the move to take over an existing kitchen, for example, costs mostly only a fraction of a new kitchen.

To exchange individual electrical appliances, to acquire a new cheap kitchen, everything is in the range of the small loan. For credit requests from 1,000 USD to about 5,000 USD are often small loans for special interest.

In the credit comparison, small loans are even starting well below 3 percent APR. Another advantage of small sums financing is the easier proof of sufficient creditworthiness.

Small loan amounts result in small monthly installments. Small payment obligations meet most borrowers, even in “financial bottoms” on time.

As a credit check, many banks are laying down the hurdles for small loans. It could even be a fixed-term contract or a small income sufficient for lending.

Optimal, the majority of small borrowers 24- 36 months term in credit for kitchen and accessories. Under 150 USD monthly installment hardly overwhelmed a household budget.

Kitchen appliances often exchange people relatively spontaneously. A nice new stove is on sale or a defect calls for the purchase of the refrigerator.

For very small loan amounts, which are paid back within 3 or 6 months, classic installment credit is not optimal. Conceivable would be the overdraft, but the Dispo cost a lot of money.

Installment, with payment in 3 – 6 installments, is in many cases the lowest-interest financing option. In addition, the trade makes its buyer particularly easy to qualify for a spontaneous loan.

Kitchen Credit – credit problems due to poor credit rating

Kitchen Credit - credit problems due to poor credit rating

To obtain credit from banks is not possible for every citizen. Credit institutions have recently been curtailed in their freedoms to agree to a low credit installment loan.

Optionally possible would be the credit for kitchen and installation by a solvent second borrower. Nevertheless, credit with a guarantor is not pleasant.

A good alternative to obtain the required kitchen loan despite weaker credit rating, offers the credit from private. Private donors do not restrict binding credit laws when making loan decisions.

As a reputable point of contact for credit brokerage, the portals Smava and Auxmoney were able to establish themselves. In this case, credit for kitchen and accessories would be applied for as a loan application.

Credit applications are subsequently published within the portals. Investors check the loan request according to their own criteria. If you rely on the ability to repay, then a bid is made.

Incidentally, no investor finances the sought credit for kitchen and kitchen appliances alone. Always offer multiple financiers.

The loan is approved if there are sufficient bids to finance the total amount.