Cheap Loan Insurance for Obese Borrower

26 Sep

Loan insurance when the borrower presents an obesity risk If you want to buy a home loan but suffer from obesity, you may have difficulty getting your loan. Indeed, banks require that all real estate credit is secured by loan insurance. But the obesity you suffer increases the risk of … Read More »


Credit for kitchen – with instant confirmation – apply now

25 Sep

Credit for kitchen and installation, how do you imagine your financing? On a larger scale, together with a renovation or refurbishment? In the middle area, through the replacement of kitchen appliances and fronts? Or as credit for the new kitchenette? We would like to encourage you to compare loan offers … Read More »


89000 USD credit – starting at 897 USD per month.

23 Sep

With a credit of 89000 USD, the consumer can do a lot. He can finance a house with equity. With the sum, debts can be settled and a vehicle can be bought. No matter what the reason for the loan is 89,000 USD, there are debts. These must be paid … Read More »


Mutual funds, short-term savings

5 Sep

On several occasions, questions have been generated about what can be done when we have a capital, the answer was always to consider a fixed-term deposit when there is a window of time greater than one year, but the question that remains in the air is : What happens if … Read More »